Stock your freezer the better way - with healthy building blocks. 

Stop putting things in the freezer that you don't like, won't ever eat or just forget about! Instead, learn how to stock the freezer with building blocks so that you never get bored and you always have an idea for what to make.

Join this masterclass and you will:

  • Learn The Five Core Principles you must know so that you stock the freezer quickly, safely and with foods you are excited to eat.

  • Understand what foods freeze well (and which ones absolutely do NOT).

  • Stock the freezer with versatile building blocks that you can transform into (almost) countless different, unique dinners.

  • Easily keep track of what's in the freezer so you can get quick dinner inspiration.

  • Learn the essentials of food safety so you can stay out of the food danger zone.

  • Do some Favours to Your Future Self so you can sleep better (seriously!).

  • Find pockets of time to do Favours to Your Future Self on the fly (no prep-day required).

  • Get step-by-step video tutorials and recipes for Claire’s Foundational Four Building Blocks so you can get started right away (no matter what your cooking skills are)

  • Watch a dozen easy ways to transform your building blocks into unique, delicious, healthy dinners.

  • Get get a full, printable companion guide of recipes, inventory templates and recipe cards.

  • Plus learn tons cooking tips to boost your kitchen comfort, creativity and confidence and make everything you cook easier, faster and more delicious. 

All you need to do is save your seat below, then watch this 60-minute masterclass at your own pace!

This system works for you even if you have:
  • no time
  • a really tight budget 
  • picky eaters 
  • specific dietary restrictions 
  • a very basic kitchen 
  • little cooking experience 

Recipes in this masterclass:

- Easy Classic Bolognese, Rigatoni Bolognese, Bolognese Squash Bowl.

- Big Batch Whole Grains, Modern Fried Rice, Grain Bowls with Creamy Tahini Dressing, Vegetable Grain Salad.

- Brothy Beans, Sausage and Bean Stew, Bean and Cheese Burritos, Pasta Fagioli.

- Parsley Pesto, Cheesy Pesto Chicken, Pesto Pasta and Greens, Pesto and Ham Calzones.

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