Back Pocket Dinner: 

Brie and Tomato Pasta


It's the height of the season, so let's celebrate with two Back Pocket recipes that showcase the best of August markets.

Brie and Tomato Linguini
is easily my favourite August dinner. Imagine just-picked tomatoes, fragrant basil, a touch of garlic, a dose of olive oil and a ton of the secret ingredient: BRIE! You will fall head-over-heels in love with this easy summer dinner, which comes together in a flash but tastes like a celebration.

And hey, we don't get fresh peaches year-round, so let's break the rules and have Peaches & Cream for a simple, fast, and totally heavenly dessert.

As always, you'll also pick up tons of general cooking tips to boost your kitchen comfort, creativity and confidence and make everything you cook easier, faster and more delicious.

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